A Blog A Day- Fearless Friday

So “fearless” is today’s Blog A Day challenge and as I found myself struggling for something to write about my mind drifted through all the worries of my finances.
Fearless Finances.
I am a very giving person. Giving of my time and my resources and I like that about myself and don’t want to change it.
Here comes the “But”
But…. I have been digging a rather size able financial trench for some time now. It’s deep, dark, ominous and sometimes frightening to me. I spend much of my time looking elsewhere so that I do not have to acknowledge it at all. Unfortunately this blind behavior has given it strength and confidence. It has been growing. Sly sneaking and creeping up behind my back like a serpent. In my lack of acknowledgment it has developed a life of its own and intends on devouring me.
Well, today is Fearless Friday so I am going to face that scary financial trench head on! I am no longer going to give it strength thru my avoidance of it. After all, I have created this trench by being who I am and I don’t regret my decision to help others for an instant.
The trench is MY beast.
I must face it, acknowledge it, own it, collar it and quickly snap a leash on this Dragon before it learns to breathe fire on its own master.
By being Fearless I will gain control!!

What are you Fearless towards this Friday?


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