Buy A Pony – Doodle Poetry

 Pony hug

If you’re ever sad or lonely,
You should buy yourself a pony

He can be your bestest buddy,
Better than a brand new puppy

I had one, then two, then three
They are fun, you will see

When your feeling very down,
Just hop right on and ride around
And Maybe with a bit of luck,
You’ll buy a pony that does not buck

Pony buck

He’ll cheer you up on the saddest day
       He’ll make your troubles melt away
             He’ll teach you patience and he’ll play
                   And just for fun he’ll disobey

Four, then five, then six and seven
My back yards like pony heaven
Eight, then nine, then ten and twenty
Please buy a pony, cause I have plenty

Pony group






* Credit to Kameela for the inspiration starting with the first line 🙂




A Forgetful Poem – Doodle Poetry

stick 4
As a little girl, I tried to run from home
Distracted by the neighbors dog, I stopped to throw the bone
Can’t recall where I was going, so I began to wander home

stick 3
My watch is working fine, a necessary tool
Its Red and Black with spiderman, I think it looks real cool
But I missed the bus today, and now I’m late to school
Remembering to actually WEAR the watch, will now be MY new rule

stick 2
“Which Donut little girl?”, smiled the man behind the glass
“The chocolate one, of course!”, Geesh, did he even have to ask?
“No, wait… the pink one with sprinkles, the chocolate I shall pass”
“No, no, wait… I want the powdered donut”, gosh, choosing feels like such a task
Tapping with my finger, curiously I ask,
“Is this real or Plexiglass?”
Frustrated he repeated “which Donut little girl? I haven’t got all day!”
Smiling at the anxious man, I reply, “I’d like a muffin, If I may?”

Stick 1
Walking down the street, I’m going to go play
Well, at least I think I am?, but I’ve been walking around all day
Or was I suppose to pick up yarn for grandmothers crochet?
Or silk for my mother, to sew her new sachet?
Or perhaps it was for little sis, a yogurt fruit Parfait?
Look at that huge tree, how magnificent it sways!
I better keep on walking, I think I’m headed off to play

——————————- Oh my! ———————
I forgot about this poem, for just a couple weeks
I’d left it in my drafts, so that I could make the final tweaks
But now I cannot recall, how I planned the end
Perhaps you understand? My fellow forgetful friend

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