About ME

For those of you that don’t know me.. My name is Wanda, and everyone who does know me has been begging me to write for years now. In fact, the creation of this Blog itself has been inspired by two good friends and supporters of mine, Stephanie & Cheryl.

Lately, I have been in the nasty little habit of taming and trimming my Whimsical stories about life to just a few paragraphs. Just a fun little tid-bit that will fit onto an overstuffed Facebook status update. Many friends enjoy my lengthy overstuffed “updates” and love to chime in with their own comments but it has come to the point that I often get a comment from a friend or two with the simple word “Write!”.

So they want me to write, huh…..
Well, as it turns out, I do love to write BUT like so many “pre-author” authors, I have always viewed all of life’s obstacles too challenging to find the time and energy to write. Alas, I concede, because perhaps these obstacles are the very reason why I SHOULD write.

Let’s raise our glasses together and ‘Cheers’ to a new beginning of what I believe will be an incredible Adventure!



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