My Shadow

One shoe drops, when will the other?
Why the cops? Is it my mother?
Please let me stay
Don’t take me away
I promise you now, that I’ll be okay
Then… the shadow moves me into another day

The past is blurred, through teary eyes
I am unsure, so many “why’s?”
Is it time, to say goodbye?
Protector or foe?
Enemy or No?
Can I trust you? Or shall I go?
Then… the shadow tosses me to and fro

Three knocks on the door
He falls weeping to the floor
His wife is now gone
I fear it won’t be long
Until the drugs join him to her song
Then…. The shadow moves me along

My phone rings and I cringe
Whats wrong now, my lost friends?
Who has cried?
Who has died?
Who has taken their life, or even tried?
Then….. the shadow moves me across the tide

It all seems insane, yet I still fight
My energy is drained, ahead I see no light
Flailing and drowning, my chest is very tight
The river bank seems so much steeper
I’m sinking ever deeper
Am I to be your only keeper?

I cannot Fight, I cannot Flight, I cannot Freeze
All I can do is Nothing
“Shadow! Take me, please”


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