Something In the Night Awakes Me


Something in the night awakes me.

Blinking my eyes slowly, I struggle to see through the darkness that surrounds my bed.
My breathing is shallow and quick and I can feel my heart as it begins to pound heavy.
Soon I am gripped by fear, completely unable to move, as I realize that my sister and I are no longer alone in the dark.

There is an evil shadow in our room with us.

I can feel him watch me in the dark.
Every muscle in my body is tense.
I want to stand up and bolt from the room yet I can only manage to move my eyes in a failed attempt to scan my black surroundings.
Then I feel the evil crossing the room towards me. I tightly shut my eyes, it hovers over me. I can feel the dark presence around me. Surrounding me.
It begins pressing against my body causing me to sink farther into my bed. I feel heavy with the weight. The air is getting thicker and the force of the shadow pressing down on my chest makes it increasingly difficult for me to find my breath.

My mind is racing now.

Why is he here again?
What does he want with me?

Soon I can barely breathe and I take a couple desperate gulps for air. I can feel my heart pounding thru my chest. I am frozen in fear now, unable to move or call for help, unable to catch my breath.

The shadow grows all around me.

He presses harder on my chest then reaches down deep inside me towards my soul.
Crushing my throat, choking me until…………….

I cannot breath at all


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