Blog A Day- Sunday Fun Day

Sundays blog is about “Fun”.
We have wrapped up our trip to San Luis Obispo for my husbands graduation from OCS and the 6+ hour drive home is my first chance to spend anytime with him in this whole 5 day trip. Normally long drives wouldn’t be considered my way have having a fun time BUT I’m determined to create opportunities for fun along the way.
– starting with a quick stop by the arcade to watch my son get the high score on one of his favorite games while hubby and I sip on coffee and cocoa.
– next, after being on the road for a short bit we pulled over at the beach and stuck our feet in the sand and shallow waves.
– on the walk back to our car we found an amazing Old Fashioned Cinnamon Roll shop. Yum!! (My sons ultimate favorite)

We will now be spending a few more hours on the road before stopping again. Since Sundays is usually our “date night” I decided, in the spirit of Fun Day Sunday, I would spend a little time brainstorming some future Fun date nights that we can enjoy.

Here is my list so far:
1. Picnic and sand castle building on the beach
2. A hike in the local mountains (maybe with a quick stop along the trail somewhere private 😉
3. Mountain biking with picnic
4. Strip poker (at home, of course)
5. Line dancing lessons
6. Bag pipe lessons (we’re both musicians but have never played bag pipes)
7. Do one of those “fit” courses together that they have in some parks
8. Laser tag
9. Go to one of those arcades that has tickets and cheesy prizes and blow $40 trying to win a stuffed animal 🙂
10. Go to the shooting range together so he can laugh at my attempts to hit a target.
11. Drive In movie theatre
12. Roller skating/blading

What are your Sunday Fun Day ideas?



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