Blog A Day- Silly Saturday

Today is Silly Saturday but I’m having a hard time finding the silly-ness. I have a very serious day of ceremonies for my husband who is graduating from Officer Candidate School!!! Woohoo!!!
All I can say is “It’s FINALLY going to be over!!”
I am extremely proud of him but I have to admit it has been a rough past year.
I will say that I am finding it rather “Silly” that he has spent until midnight last night preparing with the other candidates, then has to leave the hotel at 5:30am this morning to prepare more for an event that starts at 10:00am. Then will likely be put to work for more duties until the formal dinner tonight and yet, even after that, he will be held longer for final formation etc. etc.
We have been staying at the hotel near base since last Wednesday and In 4 days, I have seen him for a total of 3 waking hours.
Ceremony starting…….. Gotta go!!



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