Buy A Pony – Doodle Poetry

 Pony hug

If you’re ever sad or lonely,
You should buy yourself a pony

He can be your bestest buddy,
Better than a brand new puppy

I had one, then two, then three
They are fun, you will see

When your feeling very down,
Just hop right on and ride around
And Maybe with a bit of luck,
You’ll buy a pony that does not buck

Pony buck

He’ll cheer you up on the saddest day
       He’ll make your troubles melt away
             He’ll teach you patience and he’ll play
                   And just for fun he’ll disobey

Four, then five, then six and seven
My back yards like pony heaven
Eight, then nine, then ten and twenty
Please buy a pony, cause I have plenty

Pony group






* Credit to Kameela for the inspiration starting with the first line 🙂




My Shadow

One shoe drops, when will the other?
Why the cops? Is it my mother?
Please let me stay
Don’t take me away
I promise you now, that I’ll be okay
Then… the shadow moves me into another day

The past is blurred, through teary eyes
I am unsure, so many “why’s?”
Is it time, to say goodbye?
Protector or foe?
Enemy or No?
Can I trust you? Or shall I go?
Then… the shadow tosses me to and fro

Three knocks on the door
He falls weeping to the floor
His wife is now gone
I fear it won’t be long
Until the drugs join him to her song
Then…. The shadow moves me along

My phone rings and I cringe
Whats wrong now, my lost friends?
Who has cried?
Who has died?
Who has taken their life, or even tried?
Then….. the shadow moves me across the tide

It all seems insane, yet I still fight
My energy is drained, ahead I see no light
Flailing and drowning, my chest is very tight
The river bank seems so much steeper
I’m sinking ever deeper
Am I to be your only keeper?

I cannot Fight, I cannot Flight, I cannot Freeze
All I can do is Nothing
“Shadow! Take me, please”

A Forgetful Poem – Doodle Poetry

stick 4
As a little girl, I tried to run from home
Distracted by the neighbors dog, I stopped to throw the bone
Can’t recall where I was going, so I began to wander home

stick 3
My watch is working fine, a necessary tool
Its Red and Black with spiderman, I think it looks real cool
But I missed the bus today, and now I’m late to school
Remembering to actually WEAR the watch, will now be MY new rule

stick 2
“Which Donut little girl?”, smiled the man behind the glass
“The chocolate one, of course!”, Geesh, did he even have to ask?
“No, wait… the pink one with sprinkles, the chocolate I shall pass”
“No, no, wait… I want the powdered donut”, gosh, choosing feels like such a task
Tapping with my finger, curiously I ask,
“Is this real or Plexiglass?”
Frustrated he repeated “which Donut little girl? I haven’t got all day!”
Smiling at the anxious man, I reply, “I’d like a muffin, If I may?”

Stick 1
Walking down the street, I’m going to go play
Well, at least I think I am?, but I’ve been walking around all day
Or was I suppose to pick up yarn for grandmothers crochet?
Or silk for my mother, to sew her new sachet?
Or perhaps it was for little sis, a yogurt fruit Parfait?
Look at that huge tree, how magnificent it sways!
I better keep on walking, I think I’m headed off to play

——————————- Oh my! ———————
I forgot about this poem, for just a couple weeks
I’d left it in my drafts, so that I could make the final tweaks
But now I cannot recall, how I planned the end
Perhaps you understand? My fellow forgetful friend

Something In the Night Awakes Me


Something in the night awakes me.

Blinking my eyes slowly, I struggle to see through the darkness that surrounds my bed.
My breathing is shallow and quick and I can feel my heart as it begins to pound heavy.
Soon I am gripped by fear, completely unable to move, as I realize that my sister and I are no longer alone in the dark.

There is an evil shadow in our room with us.

I can feel him watch me in the dark.
Every muscle in my body is tense.
I want to stand up and bolt from the room yet I can only manage to move my eyes in a failed attempt to scan my black surroundings.
Then I feel the evil crossing the room towards me. I tightly shut my eyes, it hovers over me. I can feel the dark presence around me. Surrounding me.
It begins pressing against my body causing me to sink farther into my bed. I feel heavy with the weight. The air is getting thicker and the force of the shadow pressing down on my chest makes it increasingly difficult for me to find my breath.

My mind is racing now.

Why is he here again?
What does he want with me?

Soon I can barely breathe and I take a couple desperate gulps for air. I can feel my heart pounding thru my chest. I am frozen in fear now, unable to move or call for help, unable to catch my breath.

The shadow grows all around me.

He presses harder on my chest then reaches down deep inside me towards my soul.
Crushing my throat, choking me until…………….

I cannot breath at all

Blog A Day- Sunday Fun Day

Sundays blog is about “Fun”.
We have wrapped up our trip to San Luis Obispo for my husbands graduation from OCS and the 6+ hour drive home is my first chance to spend anytime with him in this whole 5 day trip. Normally long drives wouldn’t be considered my way have having a fun time BUT I’m determined to create opportunities for fun along the way.
– starting with a quick stop by the arcade to watch my son get the high score on one of his favorite games while hubby and I sip on coffee and cocoa.
– next, after being on the road for a short bit we pulled over at the beach and stuck our feet in the sand and shallow waves.
– on the walk back to our car we found an amazing Old Fashioned Cinnamon Roll shop. Yum!! (My sons ultimate favorite)

We will now be spending a few more hours on the road before stopping again. Since Sundays is usually our “date night” I decided, in the spirit of Fun Day Sunday, I would spend a little time brainstorming some future Fun date nights that we can enjoy.

Here is my list so far:
1. Picnic and sand castle building on the beach
2. A hike in the local mountains (maybe with a quick stop along the trail somewhere private 😉
3. Mountain biking with picnic
4. Strip poker (at home, of course)
5. Line dancing lessons
6. Bag pipe lessons (we’re both musicians but have never played bag pipes)
7. Do one of those “fit” courses together that they have in some parks
8. Laser tag
9. Go to one of those arcades that has tickets and cheesy prizes and blow $40 trying to win a stuffed animal 🙂
10. Go to the shooting range together so he can laugh at my attempts to hit a target.
11. Drive In movie theatre
12. Roller skating/blading

What are your Sunday Fun Day ideas?


Blog A Day- Silly Saturday

Today is Silly Saturday but I’m having a hard time finding the silly-ness. I have a very serious day of ceremonies for my husband who is graduating from Officer Candidate School!!! Woohoo!!!
All I can say is “It’s FINALLY going to be over!!”
I am extremely proud of him but I have to admit it has been a rough past year.
I will say that I am finding it rather “Silly” that he has spent until midnight last night preparing with the other candidates, then has to leave the hotel at 5:30am this morning to prepare more for an event that starts at 10:00am. Then will likely be put to work for more duties until the formal dinner tonight and yet, even after that, he will be held longer for final formation etc. etc.
We have been staying at the hotel near base since last Wednesday and In 4 days, I have seen him for a total of 3 waking hours.
Ceremony starting…….. Gotta go!!


A Blog A Day- Fearless Friday

So “fearless” is today’s Blog A Day challenge and as I found myself struggling for something to write about my mind drifted through all the worries of my finances.
Fearless Finances.
I am a very giving person. Giving of my time and my resources and I like that about myself and don’t want to change it.
Here comes the “But”
But…. I have been digging a rather size able financial trench for some time now. It’s deep, dark, ominous and sometimes frightening to me. I spend much of my time looking elsewhere so that I do not have to acknowledge it at all. Unfortunately this blind behavior has given it strength and confidence. It has been growing. Sly sneaking and creeping up behind my back like a serpent. In my lack of acknowledgment it has developed a life of its own and intends on devouring me.
Well, today is Fearless Friday so I am going to face that scary financial trench head on! I am no longer going to give it strength thru my avoidance of it. After all, I have created this trench by being who I am and I don’t regret my decision to help others for an instant.
The trench is MY beast.
I must face it, acknowledge it, own it, collar it and quickly snap a leash on this Dragon before it learns to breathe fire on its own master.
By being Fearless I will gain control!!

What are you Fearless towards this Friday?

A Blog a Day Challenge – Today is Thankful Thursday

I’m joining a Blog A Day challenge that was set into motion by a fellow blogger. I’ll give the idea credit to her

Anyways, today is “Thankful Thursday”

Hmmmmm….. how do I narrow it down? Oh heck, I’ll just make a list.

I am thankful for:
– My wonderful supportive and hard working husband that is graduating from Officer Candidate school this week. So proud!
– My incredibly intelligent and playfully quirky son
– My amazing collection four-legged animals at work and all the staff that helps me care for them
– All the awesome kids that I have the privilege to work with everyday

What are you thankful for?


Pony Finals!! The suspense is killing me

It has been a fun adventure this year for one of my students and her darling Small Pony Hunter, “Lovey”
Lovey cropped

Lovey is a barn favorite, a small pony with quite a large personality. He loves to be fawned over, brushed, bathed, and generally expects to be pampered at all times. He is a Star with a celebrities ego and he LOVES to perform for the world. Lucky for us, Lovey actually seems to always know what a good performance should entail and puts his best hoof forward, always thrilling the judges.

Lovey and his child have spent the last year climbing the ranks. He has been an amazing teacher for her and she has worked hard to compliment his natural Hunter jumping ability. When the parents announced to me “We would like to qualify for National Pony Finals this year” I had mixed emotions for sure. I was thrilled at the prospect of well deserved fame for Lovey and his girl but intimidated by the process and expectations that lie ahead of us. I also realized that while trying to help them achieve their goals I would be balancing a whole barn full of other students and horses, my family and home life, and all while homeschooling my 11 year old son. Seemed a bit daunting at the time.

Ultimately, my staff and I agreed and we set out on an incredible journey together.

Having never had the chance to attend Pony Finals before we were coming into the scene as a nobody, the under dog, and we all had a steep learning curve ahead of us.

First there was the intense training for both rider and pony, the goal being to eventually achieve a flawless course of Hunter fences. This part can be hard for some but this is what I do best on a daily basis. If there is one thing I know, it is how to bring out the best in a pony and a child.

Next, there was the ever tweaking and polishing up of those skills. As the chances to qualify grew closer we studied our competition, even right down to the trending apparel for riders in the Pony Hunt classes of 2014.
We left no detail to chance.

Second we set forth an aggressive tentative show schedule of top rated shows all over Southern California for chances to qualify in the Small Pony Hunter division. To our pleasant surprise, Lovey and his little girl nailed it at a competition in Thermal, CA and qualified right out the gate.

There were whispers in the wind that day…. Who is that pony? Who is the kid? Where did they come from? Even, Who is the trainer?
And within hours we had offers to buy our precious Lovey right out from underneath us. Everybody just HAD to have that pony!
Politely rejecting, “I’m sorry, this pony is not for sale” Yet, the offers grew in value for this pony that seem to come out of nowhere and pretty soon there were extra digits tacked on to the price tag being offered.
Yet still we rejected. For the family, this was all about the journey and they were determined to see it through to the end. I was relieved that Lovey would be staying on with us.
So we pushed forward.
Cleaning up every little detail while balancing this daily competitive routine with plenty of fun for both pony and rider.

After many months, many shows, and too many ribbons to count the day to fly out to Pony finals in Kentucky had finally arrived. The excitement around the barn was palpable and all the kids and staff gave their Good Luck wishes. Regardless of the ending outcome of Pony Finals, such a huge accomplishment was just about to take place. Our Goal was simple: To attend and represent well.

My assistant travelled with Lovey to the airport and they both endured a very chilling 4 hour flight on a jet that transports Equines. They arrived in Kentucky one week early than Pony Finals in order to properly settle in and get the lay of the land. Lovey’s little 11yr old partner was not far behind.

The first day of competition was the “Pony Model”. This would count towards 25% of our overall score.

As the title implies it is a class about modeling the pony in front of a panel of judges. Since my barn is generally more action oriented this was the class that we knew the least about. But feeling confident in Lovey, our research, and all our hard practice we approached it with our best efforts.

Lovey SHINED!! And when I say “shined” I do mean literally 🙂 after all the hours of grooming and primping and posing he also ended up,the only pony of his 12 pony group, to land a spot in which the sun beamed brightly down upon him. Almost as though he was chosen to be spotlighted by a higher power.

Lovey model

Lovey is pictured modeling in front on the far left. The only one in the sun.

He WON the Model class of his divided 12 pony section. And for the Grand Overall of 103 of the best ponies in the Untied States he scored 8th!!!!
8th of 103 in the Model, not a bad start for the unknown “under dog”

News spread fast and pretty soon everyone back at home was sharing the cheers and success of Lovey and his girl.

On the second day they have the next competition called the “Under Saddle”.
This class also counts for 25% of the overall score.

As the title implies, this class is judged on everything under the saddle. That would be the Pony themselves. But unlike the stand-still Model, this class is conducted with the pony ridden at the walk, trot, and canter. The judge is looking for the most classic “Hunter” with the best natural flowing Hunter type movement. (To go into more detail would take an entire post in and of itself, but you get the general idea)
Lovey is disciplined, fancy, classy and has beautiful classic Hunter form over jumps but falls into a more “average” category when judged in the Under Saddle class. Knowing this was our weakest class we were still crossing our fingers and urging Lovey and his little girl to simply do their best. Assuring them we would be proud either way.
Not surprising, Lovey scored in the middle of the pack. 69th of 103. Still proud, everyone congratulated each other and Lovey went back to his stall for plenty of well deserved Cookies, Carrots, and pampering love.

By the Third day of Pony finals the suspense was really building. Much like watching the last few minutes of a tied sports game, everyone at our home barn was on the edge of their seats. Excitedly waiting to hear any new news or updates from the show team in Kentucky.

The Third and final competition would be worth 50% of their overall score. The hardest of all 3 classes. It was the Hunter over fences. (The jumping course)
Being an action based barn, this was the moment we were waiting for. It was time for Lovey and his pilot to truly show what they were made of. They would be expected to memorize a course of 8-10 jumping fences and would then have only one chance to step into the arena and show everyone what this mystery duo was really made of. A whole year of blood, sweat, and tears coming down to these 3 minutes. The pressure was immense for the little girl. Every thing she had revolved her life around in this past 52 weeks came down to this one final moment. Hundreds of eyes on her, peers, her trainers, other trainers, her family and friends that had all flown in to Kentucky for this special event. Even her pony had prepared so very hard for this moment to have her pilot him correctly and he was dancing with excitement.

Stepping in to the show arena a calm and peace settled over her. She immediately focused on her job and solid as a rock, this young 11 year old piloted her pony flawlessly thru the challenging course of jumps. Once again Lovey SHINED!
Stepping out of the show arena everyone was silent, waiting for the 3 judges scores to be announced and averaged. The score that would soon become the last 50% of the overall for National Pony Finals.
First the voice announced… 80.15
(She clenched her fist in excitement)
Next…… 82.57
(Now she looked like she was going to faint)
And lastly ….. 83.99
(Starting to sway, my sister had to grab her and remind her to breath)
Everyone was ecstatic!! These were exceptional scores and she was now sitting in 2nd place with just 40 ponies left to see.

The score board with Loveys jumping scores.

With all their showing done and the hard part behind them, Lovey’s fan group hunkered down in the stands to watch the rounds and anxiously await the remaining scores.
Meanwhile, back at the barn everyone was hovered around their phones much like you would see many years ago, baseball fans all gathered around a radio that was announcing the current baseball game. We were receiving minute to minute update texts and pictures with running commentary.

The suspense was killing us!!!

Each round that would go by….. 79.10, 78.55, 76.01
Then …. 60.2, 60.3, 61.25
One after another. 17 Ponies left to see and Lovey was still in 2nd of 103 ponies for the Jumping phase.
Finally the end was nearing and, believe it or not, Lovey’s score only got bumped ONCE. Lovey and his girl ended in 3rd place out of 103 Top United States Small Ponies, for the jumping phase!!!!
Woohoo!! – the crowd goes wild –
There was so much excitement, both from Kentucky and from the fan club at home in San Diego.

Again, the precious girl looked like she was going to faint. Then with bewilderment and surprise quickly followed by joy and excitement she said “We did it!!”
“I just went in their and I pushed out any thoughts of other riders, other ponies, and scores. I pushed that completely out of my mind. The only thing I focused on was the job I had to do and I did it!!!”

Averaging all 3 scores together, Lovey ended the United States Pony Finals in 8th place of 103!!!
He is the 8th best Small Pony Hunter in the whole Nation!!

We are all so incredibly proud!!!

** Additional announcement. After many inquiries and offers to purchase Lovey; Mom, Dad, and child have decided that Lovey will remain a part of their family and will be returning home to San Diego soon. I can’t wait to give him a great big hug and a bowl of his favorite vegetables and fruits!!


Here is a picture of Lovey receiving a well deserved pat from his rider.



Ramblings from my mind

The Crazy World Around Me

There are times when I feel like I have life in the grasp of my palm.
But there are also plenty of times that life has scooped me right up helplessly into a dangerous hurricane. Furious and raging it wildly twists me, catapulting me in unexpected directions. In fact, perhaps the times that I feel grounded are merely the moments spent in the calm eye of the same beastly storm.

This post is about wondering……..
Ever wonder if you are actually the only sane person and it’s simply everyone around you that is insane?
I often feel like I need a therapist or some kind of prescribed medication just to be able to communicate and function with those close to me. A tool to deal properly with the insanity that surrounds me.
OR am I THE insanity that needs the help?
I am left pondering the thought “Is it really ME that needs the help or is it them?”
Then, of course, there is the thought that follows “Does it matter whether it is ME or them?”

I suppose you could compare it to a language barrier. If I only speak English and those that I am attempting to communicate and work with mostly speak French AND these French speaking people have no desire to learn English then; IF I want to continue to communicate with them I see no other option but to learn French. In this case does it really matter whether the dominating language becomes French or English?

Does it matter whether we are all sane or insane?

Maybe it’s simply about trying to find a common language to connect with one another.


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